How to tune a carburetor?

Yes, we know; Carburetors are a piece of equipment that inflicts fear upon first seeing it. Knobs, screws, levers and hoses; Its look can be intimidating.

Therefore it would be a logical first step to go back to the roots of a carburetor, what does it do? A carburetor is a device which provides the engine with a mixure of air and fuel, two of the tree ingredients needed for combustion. By adjusting certain knobs, screws and levers; This mixture changes, which the engine's response does too.

This is great! Since by listening and monitoring what the engine does, we can determine which actions we need to take. You dont need any fancy equipment for this, usually a screwdriver and your ears suffice. Some knowledge is required, which we will give you shortly.

Firstly, lets identify the most common controls on a carburetor.


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